What makes a good London bar or nightclub DJ

What Makes A Good DJ

How to be a professional DJ THE TYPES OF DJS ​ Most London bars and nightclubs have their resident DJs playing. There is a likely chance the resident DJs will have been playing at the venue for a good number of months or years and understand the general type of clientele that parties at that […]

Lost Items After Partying

Lost items after a night out

LOST ITEMS AFTER PARTYING Got home and realised you forgot something… It happens, no-one’s judging after a night out and lost items after partying is a regular thing. For those of us who like a drink on a night after catching up with friends, having a dance so much can go on in one evening […]

Mixing Drinks When Going Out

Mixing Drinks When Going Out

MIXING DRINKS WHEN GOING OUT London is full of a variety of treats with so many different cultures in the city, it really is true “London is your oyster”. Going out to different bars and pubs before visiting a London nightclubs for a night of dancing is usually the custom routine. It is very easy to […]

Hip Hop Nightlife In London

Hip Hop Nightlife In London

Hip Hop Nightlife In London There are many DJ bars and nightclubs in London that play different set genre of music and many that play wide range of different music genres on each evening. Many London nightclubs especially the A-list nightclubs and the after party nightclubs play house music. Finding a nightclub that plays real, […]

Beware of drink spiking


Beware of drink spiking When going out to London nightclubs and bars always beware of people. Anyone in the crowd at the bar can be a drink spiker and their intentions are in no way good. The crucial thing to remember is: never leave your drink unattended for one moment. Drink spiking can happen in restaurant […]

Different Styles Of DJing


DIFFERENT STYLES OF DJING When it comes to DJs we know which DJs to send out to which parties. If a London nightclub calls us up and asks us for a DJ we will still ask the various questions on what types of music would you like, the times the DJs have to play and […]

Avoid the hangover drink more water

Hangover Drinking Water

Avoid the hangover Those who drink alcohol on a night out have all experienced the hangover (some, very often). We always try encourage everyone to drink responsibly. If you are thinking this article is about to go on and preach about the possible bad health effects and so on? Not to worry, we are sure […]

Paid To Play DJ Versus Promoter Disc Jockey

Recently, many DJs in London and around the world have come across that blog article about how a London promoter was booking DJs on a basis that they put down a deposit to the promoter. The DJ had to bring a minimum number of guests to then be paid otherwise, the London DJ would lose […]

London Cocktail Bars Versus Nightclubs

London Cocktail Bars Drinks Nightclubs

London cocktail bars Vs Nightclubs London has so many places, businesses, venues, attractions to see view and yes, party nights to attend. What our team has noticed with so many of our staff having worked in the nightlife scene some for up to 20 years is the rise of London bars and cocktail DJ venues […]

Planning your night out at London bars and nightclubs

Planning a night out in London does require some organisation beforehand so that everything can fall swiftly to plan without any hiccups. Before you get ready into your glad rags (or dapper outfit), it is always a good idea to have a venue whether it be nightclub or bar in mind just so you can tailor your […]