Lost items after a night out

Got home and realised you forgot something… It happens, no-one’s judging after a night out and lost items after partying is a regular thing. For those of us who like a drink on a night after catching up with friends, having a dance so much can go on in one evening losing items can happen. For all, we are in fact human and it’s only natural that mistakes like this happen

If you have lost your jacket, bag, wallet or any item or felt that the item has been stolen then there are ways to contact the venues. Many London bars and nightclubs are closed on Sunday and even Monday. 

It may be the first idea to call them up, however the best tip is actually, pop them an email. Most circumstance on Sunday’s especially bars and nightclubs are closed but the events team will see the email before the phone answer message. If they haven’t replied to you within a few hours then perhaps to then follow up with a call. However, event or venue managers even if closed for example on a Sunday will receive the email when at home and check immediately


We have had many emails from numerous customers who we have organised their nights out and they contact us after and there have been many occasions where there have been many ongoing emails from there as they have left no telephone number. To save yourself sometime, in the email clearly describe the item.

If the item is for example a handbag bag, describe some of the contents inside and the brand etc, if a jacket same principal applies. Try to describe the item in detail in the email and write your telephone number in the email (should you not have a tel number in your signature). In all cases it is best to cc the events, service company, promoter with whom you originally booked with in the email to the London bar or nightclub where you lost your item – they will get on to this immediately.

If you have found out that your item has been stolen inside at London venue, it is best advised to inform the manager immediately. DO NOT call the police to the actual venue. By calling the police this will be wasting police time and they will ultimately slow down the time to find your item. 

With wallets, there are different scenarios as some cards can temporarily be blocked from your app inside your phone. We do advise to call banks immediately once you realise the item is lost (most likely if it is the day after). If fraudulent actions have been made the banks in most circumstances reimburse you (please do not hold us to that) – depending on which bank. 

If it is a phone that has been stolen it is advisable to call your mobile service provider immediately from a friends phone first off. If you are alone, venue managers will allow you to use their venue phone. Call your service provider inform them to block your phone and then call 101. Please do not call 999 for a lost or stolen phone remember to call 101.

NOT TO PANIC after the party

The main thing is to not panic when it comes to lost items after partying. Most smart phones have a back up facility and we hope that you have insurance so not all will be lost. If it is an item of sentimental value that has been lost – we can only hope fingers crossed that someone honest finds it and returns it back to you. We do suggest to be patient – easier said than done but it’s true.

Some more tips about retrieving items in general can be found here.