Tis The Season To Be Jolly

Christmas Parties 2023/24 November -January.

Yes indeed, that is correct. Christmas parties do in fact run from Mid-November to Mid January…! 

Corporate events are the dominant part of our business. In our experience companies in London, hold parties and events from Mid-November to Mid January. 

We work alongside many hospitality, the venues themselves are too busy to even celebrate in December, and as a result, they end up holding events in January (which we have the pleasure of being involved with). 

Get in contact with us to see how we can help with your 2023 Christmas event or event late 2024 January party.

Christmas Parties DIY Tree

A Favourite Of Ours


Companies sometimes are lucky enough to celebrate twice a year with a summer event and also a Christmas party. The majority of the time, Christmas parties are the main celebration that corporations hold consistently, and dedicate a bigger party plan and budget for the end-of-year shindig!

It is quite normal for London venues to be fully booked out by the middle of the year for Christmas parties. If you are experiencing difficulties sourcing a venue – contact us and let us see if we can suggest one that can match your criteria(s). 

We’ve also seen on many occasions, that companies hold events at their own office premises, we’re happy to come and provide event services at your office location.

Ok, so we’ve… we’ve just focused on the Christmas parties for corporates. We haven’t forgotten the individuals who hold their own Christmas events at houses and individual dedicated event spaces.

For those venues that need additional event services and individuals looking to hold a house party – feel free to get in touch.

For DJs, PA and lighting, staging, and production teams for your London event, we’ve got you covered.