Events where Venue has All Equipment Eg: Bars Nightclubs / Venues with in house AV companies supplying

Cocktail Bars & Nightclubs To The Public

£ 60 Per Hour
  • Minimum 3 hour Bookings
  • Thurs - Sat - £50 for regular clients
  • Sun - Wed - £40 for regular clients
  • Pricing not applicable to December Christmas private events or New Years Eve

Private Parties e.g Birthdays, Engagement Parties & Small Corporate Events

£ 75 Per Hour
  • Minimum 3 Hour Bookings
  • Thurs - Sat - £75 per hour
  • Sun - Wed (Discount) - £60 / hr
  • Sun - Wed not applicable to December Month - £75/hr rate applies for All Xmas Parties
    NYE at Rate of £200/ Hr

Large Corporate Gala Events

£ 125 Per Hour
  • Minimum 2 hour Bookings
  • Sound Check waiting time @ £25/hr
  • Ex. 11pm-1am DJ - £250 I Sound Check at 9pm (DJ Waits for 2hours) - Additional £50 Total Cost £300
  • Price Remains Consistent Throughout Year
    NYE at Rate of £200/ Hr


Popular Packages For Birthdays and Event Sizes of 80-150 Guests

DJ Decks & Speakers

£ 400-450 Includes
  • Up to 5 Hour DJ Set
    DJ Decks Supplied
    2x PA Speakers
    No Lighting
  • Thurs - Sat - £450
  • Sun - Wed - £400
  • Pricing not applicable to December Christmas private events or New Years Eve

DJ Decks & Speakers & Lighting

£ 450-500 Includes
  • Up to 5 Hour DJ Set
    DJ Decks Supplied
    2x PA Speakers
    2x Small Party Basic Lights
  • Thurs - Sat - £500
  • Sun - Wed - £450
  • Pricing not applicable to December Christmas private events or New Years Eve

Additional Items (Optional)

  • Wireless Microphone - £25 each
  • Wireless Uplighters - £15 Per Light
  • DJ Booth Small White Or Black - £100
  • Small Moving Party Lights - £50 per pair
  • Smoke Machine - £30 per pair
  • Additional x2 Top 1000w Speakers - £75
  • Additional x2 Subwoofer 1000w 18inch Speakers - £100

We understand, give us a call or fill out the form below and let us find the most suited DJ and best price for your event

frequently asked questions

You are welcome to choose the DJ, the DJ’s vary in types of styles of music played and even style of Djing. 

We recommend different DJ for different types of events. All 9 DJ’s are suited for bars, clubs, corporate galas and party sets. We have DJs who are recommended for small parties, weddings, those 6 DJs of the 9 can supply speakers and lighting equipment for party sizes of 50-300.

3 of our 9 DJs do not supply equipment therefore if you specifically request one of those 3 DJs and you need them to supply equipment (e.g the venue does not have equipment) we have recommended AV companies that can set up for the DJs – these AV companies will include VAT on the prices.

Most events require DJ’s from 3-6 hours. Our DJ’s are willing to play up to 8 hour sets. Some DJ sets can be for one hour at corporate galas.

We have a minimum booking of 2 hours for corporate galas and minimum 3 hours for bar nightclubs and private parties.

The Deposit will be fully refunded in the event should we receive notice in writing of cancellation not less than 56 days before the Event.

If we receive notice in writing of cancellation not less than 28 days before the Event, 50% of the deposit will be refunded. 

In the event of cancellation by the Client with deposit paid less than 28 days before the Event, no deposit refund will be made.

If event is cancelled by Client within the 7 days for whichever reasons after full payment is received (deposit and remaining amount), no refund will be made.

If the event ceases to end prematurely by request or Client or venue circumstance and not to as a result not related to the DJ(s) Performance we the cannot be held responsible nor issue a full or partial refund.

If the DJ(s) experiences hostility and aggression/ feels threatened or is behaved toward inappropriately from Client or guests at event and fears danger, the DJ(s) has the right to cease performance and exit the venue with leaving their equipment. The DJ(s) will later after guests have left to collect their equipment avoiding threatening guests. A refund cannot be provided in this circumstance of abusive or threatening Client(s) or guests at events.

You can request a DJ booking and mention you are not sure if the venue does or does not have equipment and we can send two quotes one for with equipment and the other without (DJ service fee).

We will ask on the enquiry where the event is located as different areas of London ultimately have further costs of setting up.

Cab travel:

Selective event spaces may not have onsite parking which ultimately end up those DJs who are supplying equipment to book cabs. This cab fare will added onto the cost of the job.

Parking and congestion:

Many events require DJs to start at 6pm/7pm and therefore the DJ must arrive by 4/5pm to set up. Parking rates can be anywhere between £1 or £12 per hour or NCP/ Q Park rates. If the job requires the DJ to park in those zones or areas this will be added onto the total fee.

If event requires DJ to travel and drive into congestion period to supply equipment this congestion charge fee will be added on.

Extended play times:

We usually agree in advance with all clients the set times, however at some events there are extended hours that may arise. Our DJs will carry a form on them asking the event organising the agreed half hourly extended fee and this must be paid after the event.


We do not charge VAT in our prices.

If you select one of our professional hire companies to set up for the DJ, they will invoice you separately with VAT in the price.

We will send a provisional quote out to you on the basis of the details you have specified to us over the phone, online contact form or email.

From there if it is a private party with some time before the event. We will send the recommended DJ (or your specified DJ if available) to make a site visit with the venue and if ok to meet with you and confirm all set up, parking space and equipment on quote is sufficient on site. 

From the site visit we will confirm that our quote meets the requirement that we have quoted or if we can remove items to lower the cost of the job. Alternatively, if the initial quote requires more items after having the site recce.

From here, should you are happy with the final quote: we will send an invoice with T&C’s along with BACs details alternatively a card payment can be made for the deposit amount of 50% (this will secure the DJ and booking will be confirmed at that point). The remaining 50% amount will be due 14 before the event (as specified on the invoice T&C’s). 

When you send in your enquiry, we will ask the DJ if they are free the date you request. They may possibly be already be booked on your specific date by us or outside of us.

All of DJs also play freelance for their resident London bars, nightclubs and also play friends parties – they maybe booked in advance already outside of us but if they are free and not confirmed – we will happily mark them as provisionally available for you.

The enquiry will be provisional and only confirmed booking upon invoice accepted by you and deposit paid – the DJs are free to take any elsewhere slots on the same date if booking not confirmed with deposit paid yourself.

If they are are not available we will recommend another DJ who will be best suited for your event.

New Year’s Eve:

Currently at this moment of time in September 2019 we only have 2 DJs free for New Year’s Eve.


£800 – Bar/ nightclub 5hour set

£1000 – DJ to bring Decks & Speakers with 5hr DJ Set

£1200 DJ to bring Decks & Speakers and lighting with 5hr DJ Set

We maybe able to discount overall DJ quotes to clients who require DJ fee and equipment set ups over £500. 

We may discount some equipment items and apply reduced rates depending on the amount items booked for events.

We cannot discount the overall DJ fee without equipment as we have a fixed fee for DJs.

Some DJs maybe flexible to add an hour on their set if agreed in advance, however, the fixed hourly fee remains at set hourly rate.

We do not discount in the December Christmas month nor on NYE.

We do not price match DJ service fees with other companies.

Whilst we try to remain competitive on pricing, we do have admin, business costs that is marginally added within the overall price therefore we will be more expensive than individual friends of friends DJ who do not have company. We still do try to aim to stay aim inline at a reasonable fee with other online businesses but cannot price match as this is a tailored experience.

Each DJ has a different technique, method of mixing and styles of different music. It is not possible to match with other companies with individual styles. Aiming to price match DJ services with one another without researching DJs is not recommended.

We maybe possible to price match with equipment provided we receive details on specified on another quote. 

Equipment our DJ’s supply: Speakers mid range from FBT, EV, RCF, QSC to higher end Nexo and DB Audioteck from AV companies

Our DJs do not supply lower end equipment speakers such as Alto, Mackie, Behringer, QTX and therefore cannot price match here.

We cannot price match the equipment if another company DJ is supplying cheaper quality DJ set ups such lighting gig bars. Our DJs supply minimum 70watt moving head lights, wireless uplights and larger DJ booths.

After 6 years of running we could have 500 DJs on this site by this point however…

Everyday we receive applications from new DJs asking to join but we cannot easily so accept random new DJs and put them onto jobs. Why?

We would not want to have a large roster and send any person to any job because our clients do on most occasions spend a few thousands of pounds on each of their events and the last thing they want at the end of the night is “not a good or average DJ”.

We have 9 DJ’s simply on the basis that they are genuinely: professionally skilled, reliable, presentable and have experience of at least 10 years (4 of them have over 20 years) in private events upon London Bar and nightclubs residencies.

The DJs are all specialised for each event and understand how to listen and follow with event organisers (beforehand and during the event).

It’s easy to write on a website open format (that is, all genres) but with all honesty… Our DJs REALLY do know open format sets and how to cover all age groups on a dance-floor, warm up on corporate background sets building up to a dance floor and quick mix and transition all eras and genres into a set.

Sometimes, with Gala’s they run over and seated guests can be tired but then instantly the DJ has jump onto the decks and bring up the tired seated guests onto the dance floor, keep 100s of people engaged and gelling together all within a one hour – 90mins set. This genuinely is not an easy task and not something many DJs can do. That’s we have 9 for a reason – all of them can and that’s why large AV companies and brands hire us.

Another reason for a small number of DJ’s is some events e.g fairs, product launches etc they request a trick skilled scratch DJ and there are many DJs who can mix but cannot showcase scratch (which we have two very good scratch DJs).

In this day and age it is easy to buy a small controller, laptop and full cheap DJ set up for £2000 and call your a DJ but lack the experience and crowd track selection understanding does not come into this immediate claim to a DJ. Even some DJs who have played for 15 years still maybe stuck into one genre or won’t play cheese or disco which a private party or corporate gala may require – we can’t just send any DJ who is not experienced – we would not want to let down anyones party or event. Hence the reason for 9 solid DJs.

We have 9 of London’s best DJs that fit and are suitable for all the types of events and enquiries that we receive (and have for the past 6 years) – that’s why 9 is our magic number of DJs.

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