Whatever the weather

We have had many experiences of outdoor events and are ready on hand to offer our services and expert advice. 

Whether you’re planning a corporate summer party, charity fair, street communal party, festival or garden birthday party look no further you’ve come to the right place.

Check out a couple of our videos below to see what we’ve been involved with and we’re certain we are the right people to be of service for your outdoor event.

Type of Outdoor Events

Regardless of the month... Doesn't stop us Brits having a shindig!

Outdoor events still continue through all months of the year. With the rise of marquee events and the beauty of outdoor heaters, London outdoor parties always happen throughout the year.
From Winter Christmas marquees to birthday outdoor events let us be a part of your celebration.
If you are planning a summer or an outdoor event in 2021 – please feel free to get in touch with us. 

Here's A Few Outdoor Vids

MARQUEE Birthday Party

Garden Marquee house parties are a very popular choice - just always remember to inform or even invite the neighbours - which these guys did

Scottish TV Corporate Boat Party

Seeing as us Londoner's only have a few weeks of sunshine a year we pray it doesn't rain on our day parade! It didn't on this boat.

Rooftop corporate event

They say you make your own luck in life... This corporate event had a super stroke of sunshine luck with blissful sunshine within a full week of rain.

Garden Marquee Party

Check out this fun event for a summer house party!