On top of everything else we also do birthday party planning from venue searches to DJs to productions!

For events in greater London  50+miles outside

Call us: 0207 205 2705 hours: MON-FRI 9:30am-6.30pm

The birthday party where the teens hit pack out venues dance floor and DJ rolls the tunes from the word go!

Give it an hour or two of welcome drinks social posts & hashtags and 3 hours minimum on the dance floor.

30 is the new 20. Age is not a destination. It’s a journey and we’re gonna party that journey.


Planning a birthday party, needing a venue or DJ or production for your event? From small house parties to large mansion events to varying sized London venue searches bars nightclubs or event spaces (dry hire or fitted) no need to look elsewhere we can help.

It stands to reason that everyone has a different budget forecasted for birthday parties therefore, we will always try to find whichever service you are looking for at the right price to suit the type of event, theme and scale. We can also advise which venues have late licences, which venues have DJ and PA set up and more relevant bits information to help your party planning experience. 

Check out some of our videos of events.

Our Network

Our company has close links with numerous venues in London and as a result, in many cases quite often we can arrange some discounts on private hire spends. With our knowledge of various venues we know which ones would be suitable if you wish to personally decorate (or hire a team), or even if you would like to add selective production elements (such as lighting and staging). 


Warning may contain dancing….

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The one where everyone goes all in. Leave the kids with the sitters and get a little CRAZY!

Still near to the 40s party, hey this one you might be able to invite the younger kids – we’ve seen it! Still young at heart though. 

The fun never stops regardless of age, some maybe slightly slower than when they were 18 but we’ve seen some cracking moves from 60/70 old on the dance floor!

A Couple Of Birthdays We've Helped Out With

Summer Garden Party

18th Birthday Party

40th Birthday Party

Summer Garden Party


A few details about services (full details on dedicated pages)

A deposit of £50 is required for all venue searches. This £50 will be refunded if you book the venue and if we do not find a venue for you we again will refund the deposit. We cannot refund the deposit if we recommend the venue and you book outside of us.

Please note: we do not venue source for promoters or those who are selling ticketed events. 

Private hire venues start at £500 and up: Monday- Wed evenings

Thursday-Sunday Min Spend from £1500 onwards.


Deposit payments are required, the amount varies depending upon package selected. For full terms and conditions of DJ hire click here.

If production teams are to be employed. An initial first general estimate a cost over the phone / email will take place, then follow up with an on site visit.

A site recce will take place along with you or your planner and tailor the job will be tailored to your specification with a breakdown quote (please note: price maybe higher or lower than phone estimate – no price / booking will be confirmed until the site visit).

Full payments for production teams are required at least 14 days before the event.