DJ Track List

Open format: Commercial Top 40s, R&B Hip Hop to 80s, 90s, Rock Indie, club house to chilled background house to showcase funk breaks, soul and many more.

With so many events in London the DJ track list can vary from event to event. We have selected a handful of playlists below for you to view. 

Should you not be able to find the type of music that matches your event – believe us when we say we have 1000’s more.

Email us at & we can find a set and find a past DJ track list set which would be more suited to the your event your throwing.

Feel free to use them as a guide or reminder and see what our DJs for hire can offer you.

We decided between this list option or a Spotify tracklist but thought it would be easier should you want to download the lists to make your party playlists.

Remember the songs act as a guide, they are as only as good on the screen as much as right or wrong DJ is. The right DJ mixing the songs at the right time throughout the party or event will create the perfect fun atmosphere.