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Types of events:

We have helped organise and support numerous events. From film screenings, product launches, companies celebrating their annual events, the opening of new departments, merger parties and a substantial amount of Christmas parties in the past. That’s just a few to list. 

Corporate Events Showreel Part i

Since 2013, we have lost count of the number of corporate events we have been involved with. We couldn’t fit all of them into one video. Here’s video part I


Types of Corporate Events

Cool Chic Funky Quirky Launch Events

From placing DJs in boxing rings through to futuristic coffee launches, the list of options and variations of London events available to clients these days are endless. There’s a service and a type of venue that fits every client. They just all need to be sourced and gelled together. By all means, feel free to pick our brains and our contacts when planning your event.

Decadent Black Tie Galas

Celebrating the big company decade celebration or merger? Source an incredible venue and get one of our professional production teams to throw some intelligent lighting, NEXOa DB audio sound systems with a dedicated sound engineer and have a gala you won’t forget. All that’s left now, is to get those fancy frocks and black ties ready.

Summer afterwork barbecues

Make the most of the British weather. Gather the team members for a mid-year party for their hard work. Source a caterer, mobile drinks bar and perhaps select one of our services and hey presto it’s as easy as that. We’ve got many regular clients who continuously request our services year in year out.

Cheesy Christmas Sing A Long Parties

Got your venue and food sorted. Why not have one of our open format DJ’s play you an absolute cracker of a set. We apologise in advance if our DJs leave your feet and throat sore the next day… but hey at least we’re not responsible for the next day hangover.

Themed events

Source the decor company, get the accessories fun activities arranged and whatever is left to do, let us do that.

Relaxed chilled networking events

Need something a bit more relaxed and sophisticated. Add a subtle touch perhaps a small stage, few uplighters and a PA system with a background playlist. Allow your guests to meet, mingle and network to make those contacts and deals.

Areas Of Service


DJ Hire with Multi Genre DJs


Small Events to Large Galas


Varying stages sizes & colours


Small Events To Large Galas


Recommended Venues List

A Couple Of Past Events & Showreel Cont'd

Showreel Part II

Christmas parties, summer parties, mergers, venue and store launches you name it we've been involved with.

Showreel Part III

Another snippet of a bunch of events, lighting, music, dancing and creating a fun filled atmosphere is what we're about.

The Bluebird

Investment Firm Staff Party

Marriot Hotel

Global FTSE 100 company staff party

UCC Coffee

Coffee Week In London New Product Launch

Scottish TV Party

Outdoor Event for Scottish TV


Our focus is to provide whichever scale or size of the corporate event our expertise and services. The right detail starting from equipment through to production, again through to the style of music – we strive to check every element to make and each event perfect and unique. Click below to see some of our previous clients’ events.


We understand there are many event organisers in London including us. Those companies may also outsource us as third party suppliers. We work very well alongside other organisers as well as independently.

If you are another “organiser” who has been recommended by a previous client or whether you have landed on this site out of chance – feel free to reach out and contact us. We always operate on the basis that “‘your client remains as yours” and we will invoice and provide services to you on your behalf and not brand ourselves at your events. 

We respect there are numerous businesses out there, we can offer our supplier services on behalf of you and not interfere with your client’s clients.

So whether DJ hire, PA, venue finding or other areas that we can help – rest assured your client will be happy with our service on behalf of you.

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