Corporate Event

  • Location Hispania 72-74 Lombard St, London EC3V 9AY
  • 20:00-01:00am

PA & DJ Set Up

  • 2m x 2m x 1ft High Stage (1 Step)
  • Wireless Microphones x 2
  • 2x 42inch TV Screens
  • 2x Speakers 1000w
  • DJ Set CDJS & Mixer
  • 2x Moving Heads
  • 2 x 2m Stage (Grey)
Karaoke corporate party in city of London

Set Up: Stage I 2x Wireless Microphones I 2x TVs I 2x Speakers & Spanish Music DJ Set

About and our side:

The Karaoke corporate event was for Santander Spanish CEO’s visiting London at the Hispania in Bank (who we are regular suppliers for), there was a panel discussion followed by Karoake and dancing later¬†

Stage man hired before DJ arrived 2x2m simple set up.

DJ Set Up, wireless microphones to DJ mixer, partial video DJing for Karoake linked to two 42inch TV’s. All cables tied and taped correctly to the floor around the two rooms

DJ Set: Spanish music only.