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VJing with Serato and Mix Emergency:

The first basic rule of VJing with Serato or MixEmergency is that that Audio and the Visual are split separately.

If the picture does not display, the sound will still go through the mixer and club /bar sound system.

Serato video SL is good. However,  “Mix emergency” programme is cheaper and MUCH BETTER than the serato video sl. It connects to scratchlive and uses less cpu then video SL and does not require the serato video sl feature to be purchased. It has so many more transitions and effects than serato video sl.  Mix emergency has banks for videos/ files and logos that you can load if you do not have the video track of a song and also when you load a bank file you can scratch it synched with your track.

The main advantage of Mix Emergency for video DJ’s is that it has better midi mapping controller effects when used with a midi mixer such as pioneers djm 700 and above (please note the behringer ddm 400 does not work audio and video map together its one or the other). There is a disadvantage if you have a serato ttm 57 mixer as just the crossfader & upfaders are mapped but not midi. So I suggest to any London DJ or any other worldwide video DJ is to use a pioneer mixer (models 700 and above)  and with mix emergency.

Not many of London clubs have a video set up function to video DJ properly.  If the mixer is in the venue is not midi assignable then you will have to use the arrow keys on your keyboard when moving videos accordingly to the songs.

But in order to map you WILL need a midi mixer to plug your midi usb into the opposites of the midi out of your laptop to the midi in of the mixer – just the one cable and not both the double split. All new pioneers have the midi in on the back of the mixer (controllers are midi themselves). Then you will need to connect you video source to an external s-video or whatever the club has. Once you have chosen your appropriate mixer you will need to take time setting up and assigning midi’s to parts of the mixer.

Another article on video-cable adapters for VJing in London clubs will soon be posted.