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Corporate Event

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DJ Set Up Stage London HP Corporate event

HP Corporate Event

About the event and our side:

The HP corporate event was a two-day conference introducing innovative new technology. The product launch event was for the UK and international companies to meet greet and discuss the products upon pitching sales.

The HP corporate had approximately 300 guests rotating between rooms and at the end of the meetings, they all met in one communal room with finger food and bowls of food whilst our booked DJ provided low-level background music. 

Again the communal room had interactive games to team build along with some more fun games alongside chill out sofas and chairs. The organisers made speeches between the sets so they were not looking for obvious party tunes more so of well known mid-tempo 80s to current music and groovy house. They were not expecting their guests to dance as the DJ set was 5-7 pm and wanted to keep the event chilled and tame.

The DJ arrived 90mins earlier with on-site parking to allow enough time to route the set up around Tobacco Docks large event space. The in house AV company for tobacco laid two XLRs to connect into the DJ mixer. DJ provided 2x Technics turntables and a Pioneer DJM 800 along running off Serato DJ software

The client requested the DJ to be in the middle of the stage with no brands on the laptop as the event was strictly HP corporate logos.a

Tobacco Dock: Tobacco Quay, Wapping Ln, London E1W 2SF