Beware of drink spiking


When going out to London nightclubs and bars always beware of people. Anyone in the crowd at the bar can be a drink spiker and their intentions are in no way good. The crucial thing to remember is: never leave your drink unattended for one moment. Drink spiking can happen in restaurant bars and in pubs too but it there is a higher chance that this can happen in bar or nightclub in London as the rooms are darker and visibility is generally lower than say a pub.

If you do start a conversation with someone who is a stranger we strongly recommend that you attempt to put your hand over your drink at all times. Whether it be a thumb over the bottle or the whole palm over the cocktail glass please keep it covered completely.

If you need to pop to the loo leave the drink with a trusted friend. If you are alone at the bar or your friends are not insight as much as we try to encourage people to drink responsibly we suggest that you finish that drink or call it a write off (ie, don’t go back to it). The price to pay for a new drink is much less than having your drink tampered with a potential poison.

In many London parties it is fashionable for someone to act as the big spender or show off and do the freestyle bottle pour in to peoples mouths – we do not encourage this in-fact we are quite against this. This is not responsible drinking. Furthermore, anyone can purchase a bottle then slip many pills inside the bottle and then walk around the club pouring the drinks into other people’s mouths. If you are worried that people may think that you are being no fun by rejecting the bottle pour… Maybe you could just say no to this one. This really is the best option, it is not worth the risk.

Please always remember: NEVER leave your drink unattended, there can be severe consequences. You may not think it can happen to you but we have many years experience at nightclubs in London and we have seen and heard cases of drink spiking (both male and females) and it’s never ended well!

Please be careful on your night out – guard your drink.