Planning a night out in London does require some organisation beforehand so that everything can fall swiftly to plan without any hiccups. Before you get ready into your glad rags (or dapper outfit), it is always a good idea to have a venue whether it be nightclub or bar in mind just so you can tailor your outfit accordingly for that venue or occasion. If you have already decided where you and your guests wish to attend. It is advised that you make sure that you book yourself and your friends at the venue, instead of trying to wing it on the night at the door or as some people say “go with the flow”. 

In most cases that if a venue is popular there are numerous companies or promoters that organise tables and guests lists. Even if you know someone who works at the club itself, it’s always a good idea to put yourself on the list in advance just in case for some reason some of your guests do not attend that evening. Try and put yourself on a reputable companies guest list in advance, preferably during the working week and not two three hours before the venue opens for the party evening (as the guest lists companies may close and the actual venue themselves may not even be open for business hours). A good party planning company will provide you with a confirmation email that they have acknowledged you and your guests (with their full names) are attending. Furthermore, try to remember: incase the situation and plans change during the course of the evening. There is no obligation for you to attend a party if you submit your names into a guest list for a London bar or nightclub (unless you have paid for a table with a no show fee which you will lose that deposit).

In addition to this some nightclubs have special promotions or themed nights by where you have to purchase tickets and that evening you want to go out may require tickets or even fancy dress. London parties on New Years Eve are similar to that. Most London bars and nightclubs that throw New Years Eve parties require you to buy advanced tickets in order to attend. London parties work on price discrimination with drinks, entry times and also particular days of the year. Unfortunately, that is sadly the truth and we in one way or another have to accept it if we decide to we go out and party in London on NYE.