London Brunch Party Events

London has always been a big party scene however with the continuous nightclub closures, parties have now to take an alternative route and that is “brunch parties”. Brunch parties are now increasing  and with the diversity of London we have a whole array of different brunch parties anything going from 90s pop brunch’s to Afrobrunch to Bollywood brunch parties.

So what are brunch parties exactly? If you haven’t been to a brunch party, the usual start time is around 12 noon to lunchtime and the majority of them have what they called bottomless cocktails or drinks. The bottomless cocktails usually last the first hour (but they also can even be throughout the event) and are of limited selection but each brunch varies according to their policy. After having your cocktails the food is served and at that time London DJs usually keep playing their set over the lunch. The food usually consists of either a two or three course menu which can be either from the venue or if catered food depending on the bunch party. After the food is served the party starts, some parties have entertainment such as dancers or themes or games that engage the crowd and some do not but again, each of them have their own theme.

Brunch parties are usually very interactive and a lot of fun, whether it is the London DJ who interacts or the brunch promoters themselves it is usually very different from a London nightclub and overall a lot of fun.

If you’re looking for a fun brunch party to attend we recommend the jukebox brunch held at Sama Bankside once a month, at a reasonable £25 per ticket you will receive first hour bottomless cocktails, a two course menu, a London DJ who plays everything from 80s music to todays current charts. They have games, lip synchs and 10 people get a chance to be the DJ where they get to play an original vinyl record to the busy crowd – where else in London could you experience something like this?

Tickets usually go from £25-50 depending on the brunch and they all have a different theme and menu.