Sheraton Fashion Show Grand Ball Room

If you are an already experienced event planner or organiser you’ll most certainly relate to this article. For those looking to start out in the events industry we have a few basic starting tips in this article. 

Basic Event Planning:

When you are planning an event, there are always a few essential items you should bring when conducting a site visit or recce:

Physical Notepad

In today’s society we are continually using our phones, tablets and laptops. Most people and planners use their phones but there are simply times where you really do need a pen and paper. It is without doubt that on a fair few occasions that you may need to sketch parts of the room. With those sketches accompany measurements, this combined note taking may not be possible on an electronic device. Venues often are able to provide email PDF views after the meeting. Nevertheless, whilst the memory is fresh onsite it will never hurt to pinpoint notes to sketches on paper along with measurements.

Measuring tape

The measuring tape is the most key ingredient for any event planner. Without this tool present you may have lost half of the information for the site visit. Measuring the doors, access ways and entrances for access is crucial upon the actual event room. You will need to do make door measurements especially if you are bringing large items, hiring in props and to also make sure your production team . The essence of event planning is that you cost each aspect of detail to real specifications and that includes forecasting measurements.

Public Access

It is advised to check and make notes of the outside of the venue and also the public walkways. Try to take some pictures on your camera or even video footage. Setting up your event should not interfere, disrupt the public nor for many reasons; the main one being “health and safety”. Make sure your planned parking or loading areas do not restrict general public and nor do production items items lay in the way of the public. In most events  you will be allocated dedicated access loading areas or bays on site. Check with the venue where you can and can’t park, take photos of the outside areas as well.


In today’s age most of us have cameras on our phone, be make sure you take photos of every possible scenario so that you do not forget any areas. We suggest taking notes to corresponding pictures. Picture are crucial on site visits especially when it comes to tight access areas in London.

Question list and template notepad:

We do emphasise that you make your own tailored question list accordingly to the type of events you plan.


Go on the internet and purchase a rugged 20m measuring tape – it will be the best money you’ll spend. If you want really look the part of a snazzy London event organiser… why not get a laser measuring tape.