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When it comes to London nightclubs different venues work on different types of DJs but in essence a professional DJ will have three combined elements of skills: music selection, beat match and execution. The style, technique and scratch all depend on the type of DJs. Many DJs may not scratch but they all have their own style and technique.

London is a unique city for parties. There are so many different types of venues with so many different types of professional DJs, many of our DJs play at London bars and nightclubs and they all differ in style. As mention the London parties scene is so diverse that you can have just house nights, electronic nights, pop parties, 80s parties, indie nights and even Afrobeat nights and the DJs will all have their style. Their executions of the mixing will vary depending on the night, house, electronic, drum & bass and minimal tech nights expect longer smooth holding mixes. Open format nights professional DJs may quickly mix, scratch and drop tracks but the music track selection is crucial regardless of whichever genre played.

When it comes to DJ hire we are experienced in sending the right style professional DJ for whichever type of private party, London bar or nightclub.

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