Sweet Treat Ice Cream


Which ever the time it is for the year, we can’t say no to an ice cream, dairy, soya, frozen yoghurts, gluten free the variations are out there and they’re always at majority of London parties day and night. Having an ice cream treat or stand is never bad shout at an London event preferably a daytime event. London bars and nightclubs don’t generally stock ice cream unless in cocktails but we’ve noticed the increase of ice cream treats at all types of events such as corporate parties and weddings.

Generally, these events are by where there are finger food at the beginning so the process is:

  • Welcome drinks
  • Maybe another drink
  • Stand up finger food
  • Ice Cream

Then the party where our pro djs for hire rock the crowd. But seriously dancing on ice cream is not that bad and hey if it is a wedding party and the children are there you know you’ve got them entertained to pull out a few fancy dance moves for a few minutes.

But as random as this post may seem, ice cream treats (that is not part of the sit down dinner) has had a huge rise at the corporate events and wedding parties. There are numerous suppliers for special event ice creams as strange as that sounds but we’ve seen ice cream tacos, standard corner shop ice cream, 90s ice creams going to Indian thali ice creams all depends on your budget and themes that is if you do want ice cream at you party.