Subwoofer Bass Bins

DJ Agency Booth Motel Studios

When having a party when is the right time and appropriate situation to have DJ bass bins? Generally parties with guest numbers over 150 people. What are DJ bass bins? Subwoofer are the two larger speakers that sit on the floor pictured above. The bass bins double the sound and create and oomph to the sound. When you drive around and you see those cars with bass rattling the ground they are the people who put bass in their cars. You may think well? I don’t want my guests head and chests rattling like that when I’m next to that car. The DJ bass bin subwoofers won’t create the rattling noise like the cars as the number of guests themselves automatically create more noise then a stand alone car (with no crowds around the car) in a road – the professional DJ subwoofers will create a full rich sound level rather than two speakers which could end up sounding tinny like a hifi.

As mentioned we generally recommend DJ bass bin hire with guests over 150 people but there are factors to consider:

  • Does the venue have a sound limiter
  • Are there resident guests located near the building
  • Does the venue have double (or higher) glazing or sound proofing
  • Have their been many complaints or situations where councils have been called in due to high sound levels.
  • Is the venue protected by a nature trust
  • If the venue is a hotel how far up are the other floors to where the guests are staying.

We always aim to comply with sound levels with venues and councils. There is no point of our professional DJs bringing in more sound and charging clients more and then councils coming in or neighbours complaining to turn down the sound. We would not want to create any situation that is disruptive to surrounding neighbours and disruptive to the party.

Although it may sound requesting the DJ to bring bass bin subwoofers if the venue has no limitations on sound then we would recommend them over just the standard two active speakers the sound really does dramatically change and is definitely worth the money. When you hear our professional DJs play you’ll definitely want to hear the sound so much more louder for when your guests sing along to the top of their voices!