Avoid the hangover

Hangover Drinking Water

Those who drink alcohol on a night out have all experienced the hangover (some, very often). We always try encourage everyone to drink responsibly. If you are thinking this article is about to go on and preach about the possible bad health effects and so on? Not to worry, we are sure you heard them before…

What we will advise just so that you can avoid the hangover, drink plenty of water. We won’t get all scientific on the effects of water. But hey, if you can go out drinking and have less of a hangover or maybe none in fact? Then you may want to keep on reading. 

A hangover is the result of dehydration and each time your drinking an alcoholic drink, the alcohol is dehydrating you even though you are consuming fluids. If you can slip in a glass of water between each glass of drink, then your reducing your potential hangover considerably. If your getting a round in or ordering a bottle at a London nightclub, bar or pub then order a couple of bottles of water with the drinks (or why not order tap water if you’re not that flash with the cash that evening).

If you forget to drink water on your night out, when you come back home. Try and fit in a pint or maybe two pints of water (depending on your body height and weight) before you go to sleep.  

Drinking water during a night out or after your evening out immensely reduces the hangover and we cannot emphasise this anymore. When you have a hangover drinking water then may help, but will not eliminate the feeling completely. Reduce the chances of that feeling the night before.