How to pick the right DJ for your party

Pick The Right DJ For Your Party

HOW TO PICK THE BEST DJ FOR YOUR PARTY What and who is the best DJ for your party: If you do not know any DJs through friend circles then picking out DJs can be mind boggling. How do I pick the right one for my event how do I chose from all the ones […]

Different Styles Of DJing


DIFFERENT STYLES OF DJING When it comes to DJs we know which DJs to send out to which parties. If a London nightclub calls us up and asks us for a DJ we will still ask the various questions on what types of music would you like, the times the DJs have to play and […]

London Cocktail Bars Versus Nightclubs

London Cocktail Bars Drinks Nightclubs

London cocktail bars Vs Nightclubs London has so many places, businesses, venues, attractions to see view and yes, party nights to attend. What our team has noticed with so many of our staff having worked in the nightlife scene some for up to 20 years is the rise of London bars and cocktail DJ venues […]

Subwoofer Bass Bins

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When having a party when is the right time and appropriate situation to have DJ bass bins? Generally parties with guest numbers over 150 people. What are DJ bass bins? Subwoofer are the two larger speakers that sit on the floor pictured above. The bass bins double the sound and create and oomph to the […]

Sweet Treat Ice Cream


Which ever the time it is for the year, we can’t say no to an ice cream, dairy, soya, frozen yoghurts, gluten free the variations are out there and they’re always at majority of London parties day and night. Having an ice cream treat or stand is never bad shout at an London event preferably a […]

Basics Of Event Planning

EVENT PLANNING BASICS & TIPS If you are an already experienced event planner or organiser you’ll most certainly relate to this article. For those looking to start out in the events industry we have a few basic starting tips in this article.  Basic Event Planning: When you are planning an event, there are always a few […]