Sheraton Charity Fashion Show

Catwalk and Auction Event

PA & DJ Set Up

Display Items Hats


The Mencap committee again invited us back to assist with their next event in 2017, the Sheraton fashion show. This was a catwalk show and auction lunch. The catwalk show required a 25 minute compiled DJ set which also was hosted over by the fashion designer showcase and us to provide a sound system and flood lighting.

The Sheraton Charity fashion show was based on LaLa Land dresses and therefore required numerous songs from the original sound track mixed in with eletro swing to match the vintage theme. The event welcomed many high profile guests including HRH Sophie Countess of Wessex

The event commenced with welcome drinks and canapés for the guests and an opportunity for individual designers to sell and showcase their unique custom one off made items in the lounge area. The guests then made their way into the event room where they were served a three course lunch meal with the auction between starter and main and then the Sheraton fashion show between desert.

Our end, to supply two speakers (very high powered 2000watt), two microphones, DJ set up to play off and two flood lights to project down on the walk area from the balcony from where the DJ was located.

Venue rooms sizes of the Sheraton Ballroom normally require a full production team set up. However, as this the Charity event, the Mencap committee aimed to keep the costs down and therefore the DJ had to supply all items.

About the set up: Initial site visit with the Mencap committee where to position the speakers and lights, check all areas of access and parking. Check which forms venue require (the normal PL and PAT) and in this case a method statement was requested by the venue. This site visit was conducted two months before

On the day, arrive set up, speaker set up and flood lights. As the PA system was located on the balcony the speakers had to be angled down and normal speaker stands lay the speakers on a 180 degree horizontal angle. In order for the crowd to hear the auction and music they speakers required a 30 degree 35m coupler angler. Without having a site visit this would not be known. The speakers could not be position on the ballroom floor as there was not enough space due to there being 300 guests on tables. 2x PA speakers could also work however the sound would be driven and so 4x speakers at a lower output dispersed the sound more appropriately around the ballroom.

Sound check and test microphones working. As the area was no access for the guests  Taping down XLR and general power cables was not essential for this event. We always emphasise cleanliness and safely secure items however, by not using the tapes has its advantages – environmentally friendly. Furthermore, in the case that anything should go wrong during the event then it is easier to access and change.

The DJ played a background set of background chill out whilst the guests where entering the venues. During the Sheraton Charity Fashion show lunch, music was not required as the auction took place.

The DJ set consisted of Electro contemporary swing along with other artists such as Nina simone, many songs from La La Land as many outfits were based on the Film.

Strict timings to adhere to for the loading area: 8:30am arrive at Sheraton hotel and pack down out of venue 3pm