New Venue Launch Event

  • Location: 3 Robinson Road, Southwark London SE1 8BU
  • 19:00-23:00

PA & DJ Set Up

  • DJ Set Up Laptop & Turntables
  • Plug into Venue Sound System
Sama Bankside Main Upper Bar

DJ Services showcase music set 

We were delighted to send one of our DJs to the launch of Sama Bankside Bar, 3 Robinson Road Southwalk London SE1 8BU

Sama Bankside bar is a sleek, large open space exposed brick wall event space restaurant and cocktail bar split over two floors with a bar on each floor as well as a separate private dining room.  

About and our side: 2x Technics 1200 Turntables & DJM S9 scratch showcase mixer to for the DJ to plug into venue sound system. The DJ hired to was asked to perform an open format showcase set of 60/70/80s/90s mash up to today’s current chart music. The turntable option set up was used to add a little showcase theme along with the style of play to suit the quirky Sama Bankside Bar event space. 

Music starting at low volume for clients to mingle and connect three hours and then last hour have a little boogie on the dance floor. Special showcase DJ set from 7-10pm was so that potential new clients could get an idea of the bar music policy;  different genres and eras of music that could and would be on offer at private parties, weekend parties and also most importantly corporate events – which is Sama’s Bankside Bar overall design build and aimed focus.

The venue is independently run by a single owner who also happens to be a close friend of ours as well a client who we’ve been working for before the days that Party Night London was formed. We emphasise independently owned for a reason –  as with non-chained venues such as Sama. Sole owner always focus on a very close customer service and close detail. Sama Bankside Bar is highly recommended by us as good choice of venue to hold your event or part .

To book parties at Sama Bankside check out their website:

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