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This barn wedding was an exception to our rule for a few reasons. Normally, we focus our event services within London however, we stretched this gig to oxford this time to Wytham Hall as this client had been another referral from four weddings of their friends that the same DJ had played at.

The Wytham Hall is a charming village hall that hosts village events, parish meetings and more. It can accommodate up to 100 people and is available for private hire.

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The hall is also associated with the village Church which hosts several events throughout the year, both religious and non- religious, including art exhibitions, festivals and the annual Christmas carol service.

The client was, in fact, the 5th booking from weddings we’ve sent our DJs to. This event the crowd was the same guests as they were all close friends but this event was a barn wedding. Previous venues had been three marquee weddings and the Brewery events venue in Moorgate.

Although the client had met the DJ on many occasions before they had three consultations over the phone. Image and size of staging area requested by DJ via email to appropriately fit the best set up for the venue (with multiple DJ set up options sent to the client). 

The client and DJ later met as a coffee meeting. The DJ brought his laptop ran over the previous history tracklist of their friend’s wedding(s) played. At the meeting, accepted, added and omitted songs allowing the DJ play at free will (not to follow an order of songs list other than the first dance). All other matters discussed such as invoice, PL and PAT certificate (that were sent after the coffee meeting).

On the day of the event, the DJ was required to set up earlier at 2.30 before the guests to enter at 4 pm and for the family to make speeches with background relaxed Motown music played between the courses.

For the first dance, the bride and groom selected Jessie Ware – Wildest moments. The main DJ dancing set commenced with Magic Heart FM disco 70s 80s 90s to fit all generations then later moved on to commercial RNB Hip Hop and Old school (Kiss and BBC 1Xtra type of genres). Music played from 7 pm -12 am and pack down out of the venue by 1 am.

With weddings of past clients, they are usually more relaxed when hiring us or our DJs as they know we know how to go with their flow. 

When hiring any one of our DJs, we always offer the option of a face to face meeting or if not possible a Skype/ What’s app call to listen carefully to what the client wants and expects and not supply a quick service. Every event is a tailored experience and every party, venue set up and every crowd is different.

The DJ did not make a site recce on this occasion as there was a rather substantial distance to travel. The DJ did, however, request certain pictures of the room to see and dimensions of the stage to supply exactly what the client needed. 

On jobs such as this, i.e. at a distance without a prior site visit. We always advise any individual DJ(s) going out solo into blind venues, to pack extra items and any backups if possible as in the event of a failure nearby back up support is not available.

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Warning –  wedding may contain dancing….

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