Barn Wedding

Summer Wedding

  • Location Syndenam Kent Garage
  • 19:00-00:00

PA & DJ Set Up

  • DJ Set Up Laptop & CDJS
  • 2x Speakers 1000w
  • Wireless Microphones x 2
  • 2x Moving Head Lights 120Watt
  • 2x Glo Truss Stands and Table Star Cloth
Barn Wedding Speech Oxford


This barn wedding was an exception to our rule for a few reasons. Normally, we focus our event services within London however, we stretched it to oxford this time to Wytham Hall.

The client was in fact a 5th booking from weddings we’ve sent our DJs to. A previous client had hired one of our professional DJs back in 2013 and from there that same DJ had been requested to play at four other weddings. This event the crowd was the same guests as they were all close friends but this event was a barn wedding.

With weddings of past clients they are usually relaxed when hiring us or our DJs as they know we know how to go with their flow.

The DJ did not make a site recce on this occasion as there was a rather substantial distance to travel. The DJ did request certain pictures of the room to see what areas they could set up in and what they needed. On jobs such as this, that is a far distance. We always advise any individual DJ going out solo to pack extra items and any back ups if possible as in the event of a failure nearby back up support is not available.

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