Corporate Event

  • Royal Victoria Dock, One Siemens Brothers Way, London E16 1GB
  • 19:00-22:00

PA & DJ Set Up

  • 3m x 2m x 1ft High Stage (1 Step)
  • Wireless Microphones x 2
  • Lavalier Microphones x 2
  • 2x Speakers 1000w & 6 Channel Mixer
  • DJ Set Up Laptop & Controller
DJ AV Area at Siemens Food Tasting Event


PA System: 6 Channel Mixer I 2x Wireless Microphones I 2x Lavalier (Neck Tie) Microphones I 2x Speakers and Background DJ Set

About and our side:

We have regularly sent our London DJs for hire to the Siemens corporate events held at the Crystal building in Royal Victoria. The Crystal building is open to the public in selective sections on certain dates and Siemens also host their own corporate events there.

This is the first event by where we sent our professional DJ to play for the food tasting and prepping event. The event required a 5hour set background music, relaxed DJing styled set (no scratching) and a couple of short breaks by where the hosts of the event wanted to speak and play a few team building games.

The client requested a turntable package feature.

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