Porsche South London

Corporate Event

PA & DJ Set Up

Porsche South London Racing Car

Porsche South London


The Porsche South London event was promoting the young female driver and rising star Esmee Hawkey who represents Porsche. She gave her insight into the world of female racing in an interview and panel discussion.

The Porsche South London racing event commenced with welcome drinks a showcase of cars from 7-8 pm. Later followed a short 5-minute video about the female racing industry and then the talk with Esmee Hawkins alongside a Q&A panel from 8-9 pm.


PA System: Stage I 6 Channel Mixer I 2x Wireless Microphones I 2x Lavalier (Neck Tie) Microphones I 2x Speakers and Background Music

Staging laid before sound set up at 4 pm. Grey colour requested by the client (other colours available upon request).

PA system along with Microphones set up from 4 pm alongside stage to hide as many cables as possible inside the stage as well.

Soundcheck at 5 pm with the staff.

The lavalier neck microphones were set up for Esmee Hawkey and the interviewer. Both presenters opted for the necktie microphones to avoid any holding of microphones. The audience answered a panel of questions using two ultra-high frequency wireless microphones which could be passed around. All sound was continuously adjusted balanced for each speaker by our sound technician to maintain consistent volumes between conversations.

Speakers positioned in the method to be focused on the guests, appropriate distance to avoid any feedback, all cables taped to the floor in a smart manner and cables tied to speakers so no hanging loose wires.

Background music beach chill-out style genres played from a computer at the beginning and end of the event – DJ not required at the event.