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PA & DJ Set Up

National Gallery - Christmas Party DJ Hire


The main organiser for the National Gallery Party was event management Stormont Events who requested one of our DJs. They had the initial agreement with the venue for the party.

From our side we worked as a subcontractor by where the DJ supplied:

White DJ Booth
4 Channel Mixer for sound balancing
2x QSC 12in 1000watt Speaker2x FBT 10in 1000watt top speakers
DJ controller
DJ Set 8-11.10

The main obstacle for this event was logistics. Location wise as us Londoners know that Trafalgar square area has parking.

DJ arrived to service area. All of our equipment to whichever member or team contracted has PAT tested equipment however, regardless some venues require their own PAT testing on sight. This procedure had to occur.

As with such large buildings and venues in London the loading area was a considerable distance from the actual function room. Once item had been tested the DJ set up was brought to the National gallery party function room where Stormont team and the lighting team also assisted with the DJ set up.

The 4 channel mixer was connected to a sound volume monitor to not create too many vibrations in the room. Normally two tops and two subwoofers creates a balancing sound however with there the condition for minimal vibrations to outer rooms (due to priceless paintings on the walls) a strict balancing act of sound needed to be maintained throughout the event. 

Therefore the two QSC speakers (have bass mode settings kept to normal and not deep) and the 2x FBT speakers were positioned further away at a lower to create a softer surrounding sound.

Lighting was all controlled wirelessly by AV team from an ipad.

The mini stage and lecturn was already property of National Gallery. A simple wired microphone was required as there was a 10minute speech made only by the museum curator (no wireless microphones needed for the event).

After the finger food was served and the 10minute speech the crowd was ready to go. Pure party open format party set of 70s, 80s, 90s to todays current charts and Christmas songs. 

See track list below 

Here's how It Went Down

Warning may contain dancing….