Motel Studios Party

Corporate Event

PA & DJ Set Up




Christmas party for Hopkins Architects. Motel studios has an urbanised rustic yet elegant classy feel within their arch’s. Their client Hopkins who had booked their space requested our DJ service.


PA 2x Mackie 15inch active PA speakers

1x Wired Microphone to balanced Mixer


2x Large Moving Head DMX

6x Wireless Uplghters


DJ Arrived at 5pm to set up, speakers controller and mixer were the easiest part. DMX lighting of moving head required 1hr to program for sit down dinner and another setting for when the dancing started


Whilst some events require clear crisp no wires freying and hanging lose and exposed ,the  band loose rustic band / DJ set up on a table (which made of wood planked over wood) in fact works here.


Motel studios in all their arch’s have a clear blanc canvas wall providing their clients the option of having projectors display images for presentations.


About the event: Sit down dinner with relaxed smooth background playlist no mixing required and no Christmas songs specified by client. DJ remained out of site rather than standing and hovering in way of guests eating.


Presentations, easy going managed by DJ on the basic PA mixer.


Dj performed 10pm-12am with pure party classics from Bruno mars to Eurythmics to Rihanna – open format set

Here's how It Went Down

Warning may contain dancing….