• Location Goldsmiths Hall Goldsmiths' Hall, Foster Lane London EC2V 6BN
  • 13:00-15:00

PA & DJ Set Up

  • 2 x CDJs & Mixer
  • Venue Supplied Sound & PA System
Mencap Fashion Show Goldsmiths Hall Entrance 2018


PA System D&B AudioTeknik Supplied By Venue
Background DJ Set
Event: Mencap and Givergy charity auction and fashion show.

About and our side:

Event (5th Event for Mencap): Mencap and Givergy charity auction and fashion show.

Initial site visit conducted two months in advance of the event. Goldsmiths Hall venue was fitted with install of D&B Audioteknik (which is the highest sound system level on the market), – we have associated suppliers who can supply this level system however it is the highest bandwidth therefore the highest costs and best suited to use venue sound system rather than avoid adding a high cost. Site visit established simple connections DJ System via 2 x  XLR and microphones to be run through in house system.

DJ Set: song list provided by designer to play for each dress of average 2minutes for the cat walk and 2x rehearsal sets prior to event (arrive 3hours before event 10am-3pm). 

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