Guoman Tower Hotel

Corporate Event

PA & DJ Set Up

Room Layout Gouman Tower Hotel Events 2020

Guoman Tower Hotel​

PA System: 6 Channel Mixer I 2x Wireless Microphones I 2x Lavalier (Neck Tie) Microphones I 2x Speakers and Background DJ Set

About and our side:

Event was for promoting the Porsche young female drivers and Esmee Hawkins who is representing Porsche gave her insight to the world of female racing. 

Staging laid first grey colour requested (other colours available).

The lavalier neck microphones were for Esmee’s and the interviewer, both guests using neck tie microphones to avoid any holding of microphones and the crowd also answered a panel of questions using the two other wireless microphones that were passed around. All sound was continuously adjusted balanced for each speaker at the moment they spoke to maintain consistent volume.

Speakers positioned in the method to be focused on the guests, appropriate distance to avoid any feedback, all cables taped to the floor in a smart manner and cables tied to speakers so no hanging loose wires.

Background music beach chill-out style genre played at the beginning and end of the event.