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City Of London Wedding

About the event and our side: the bride heard one 

The client heard one of our DJs play at a bar and requested him to play at her wedding at the Anthologist bar. 

We had had many dealings with the Anthologist bar in the city for many years from 2010-2015 (even before the company the started) and know the venue very since the club night that was run there on Saturday nights for 5 years. 

The city of London wedding venue was equipped with a state of the art Bose sound system however there was no lighting. 

The couple had appointed a wedding planner Perfectly planned for you and we had a site down with the soon to be wed couple to plan as to what they would like for the lighting and music. 

The couple requested a touch up of lighting, two strong moving head wash lights, 8x uplighters with a mood relaxed purple-pink colour and a small black but not overpowering DJ booth.

The couple were of mixed background ethnicities, therefore, the guest’s families taste of music varied from original USA music to Caribbean Soca music. A few mandatory tracks of both for the families, they wanted the DJ to mix in the club format they saw him originally play and not a traditional wedding style DJ.

There was no early set up required as the guests had a sit down quiet dinner and PA speeches made from the internal Anthologist sound system, the DJ arrived at 7.30 pm to be ready for 8.30pm. First dance at 9 pm and the guests were up and dancing from joining the bride and groom’s dance.

Wedding Reception

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