Corporate Event

  • Location: Whitelabel Space Leicester Square
  • 19:00-23:00

PA & DJ Set Up

  • DJ Set Up Turnatables & DJM S9 Mixer
  • White DJ Booth
  • Wireless Microphones x 2
  • Lavalier Microphones x 2
  • 2x Speakers 1000w & 6 Channel Mixer
UCC Whitespace Leicester Square -11- Corporate Launch Party

PA System: 6 Channel Mixer I 2x Wireless Microphones I 2x Lavalier (Neck Tie) Microphones I 2x Speakers and Showcase Turntable DJ Set and ending party set.

About and our side:

Event was for launching a a new revolutionary coffee machine probably the most advanced coffee machine ever made

AV and stage provided by EMS management

The lavalier neck microphones were supplied by the DJ for the CEO of UCC the interviewer, and a back up wireless pair of microphone  for questions in case any surprised speakers.

In house sound system to which DJ plugged in and another two 1000w speakers for booth and additional volume.

Speakers positioned in the method to be focused on the guests, appropriate distance to avoid any feedback, all cables taped to the floor in a smart manner and cables tied to speakers so no hanging loose wires.

Background music beach chill-out style genre played at the beginning and end of the event.

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