Pick The Right DJ For Your Party

Who and what is the DJ:

In today’s age anyone can go out and buy a set of decks, controller, laptop, download all the top songs off itunes and hey presto a DJ. They can go further into branding a social media profile, build a good website and now voila they are a professional DJ. This could also be the same concept as a chef, go out and purchase some ingredients put a dish together grab kitchen utensils, turn on the cooker and again hey presto we have a top chef – yes? Well with that analogy leaves us with… So now where do I start when thinking how to pick the right DJ for your party. Who is professional?

Understanding the elements of DJing:

We all know that it is a science to cook and therefore requires understanding of which foods compliment each other. Some recipes require fine dicing, different seasonings. There are multiple variables that go into a well high end quality meal – the same goes for DJing. We wouldn’t just hire and send out any DJ. Similarly we wouldn’t expect our DJs to just throw in tracks into a set without thought process, lack of skill and crowd understanding thinking we that they would automatically rock a party..

Experience of the DJ

Those DJ’s who play out at London nightclubs and bars over a few years have acquired an understanding and method of assembling a party set and amalgamating the songs together in the correct order. These types of DJ’s keep crowds entertained and they are not simply press stop and play. In comes another crucial element, song edits – the ingredients to a mix. 

Going back to the a chef’s scenario it would be as if they just dump the food on the plate just about cooked and minimally prepared – we’re certain you would not enjoy that meal. Certain chef’s have crafted and acquired skills to add flavour and the intricacy into preparing each dish. 

Moving back to DJing it’s a the same concept. Yes, some professional DJs may play an odd original track acquired off iTunes, however there are specialist websites that the DJs source their music from to mix in seamlessly (or they even make their own edits). These songs from pools are manufactured in a way to give the customer you the no-nonsense part of the songs to go straight into the best bits of the track to keep that dance floor engaged continously.

What makes the right DJ

Although it may seem pretentious us comparing DJs to chefs but really the same principle applies. A good chef or restaurant will prepare the ingredients before ready to cook up just like a DJ will prepare his song selection with Quickhitters, remixes, transitions, own remixes, pre-practiced routines and fitting them altogether to make a crowd gel. A good professional London DJ will never just log onto iTunes top 40’s and strictly use those downloads only, they would have vast collections of year’s of old extends, personally made extends and they will be noticeable in all sets.

Tip on how to pick the right DJ:

How do you pick the right DJ for your private event wedding or corporate party? Have a look at their website, instagram but not only that. Whilst with food it is an instantly hit to your taste buds music is a little longer. You may need to spend a few minutes listening to their mixes to get a feel. For private events, those who at your caterers and then you think of the level of service they offer apply this principal to your DJ. The right DJ will keep them tunes going and going punching in an out. We suggest avoiding straight single press play only Itunes DJ will most drag the songs to end not engaging the crowd, the guests will slowly disperse and the last thing they remember – the music.

Here’s a good video on how to pick a DJ for your wedding