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Last minute DJ Bookings require a full cleared payment upfront. Depending on the amount of time left till a DJ is required to start, we will send a paypal invoice and this payment is required immediately in full and cleared. If it is not possible to send a paypal invoice, this payment should be deposited into our business bank account:

Barclays Bank Plc
Sort code:  20-95-61
Account No: 83621332

If Party Night London can arrange a DJ and you request them immediately and a taxi service is required in order to reduce time – you will bare the costs of the additional taxi service and the amount will be and that will be added to the quoted DJ price.

If you request a last minute DJ and the DJ you previously booked (before contacting Party Night London) arrives and you no longer require the Party Night London DJ sent out. You will not be entitled to a refund for your deposit and will have to pay the DJ for the amount quoted.

If you request a last minute DJ we cannot guarantee that the DJ will be at the event time. Unplanned distance from the DJs location to the venue can affect travelling time.

All deposits for DJ bookings can be refunded 28 days before the event date (minus a 5% administration fee).

Cancellation of a DJ 14-28 days prior to the event will be subject to a payment of 50% of the agreed amount.

If you cancel the DJ 48hours prior to the event. You will have to pay the agreed amount in full regardless if the DJ does not play.

Any DJ bookings made within 14days of the event must be made in full and cleared funds.

All DJ bookings require a booking deposit made at least one month prior to the event (deposit amount will vary on the DJ service quote):

30% deposit of bookings upto £500

40% deposit of bookings £500-£1000

50% deposit of bookings £1000-£2000

DJ Tracklists:

If you book a DJ for a private event you may provide a track list of what you would like the DJ to play. This track list should be emailed at no later than one week before the event starts. This gives the DJ adequate time to purchase and arrange their selection for your party. Track lists that are not sent before the 7days may not be entirely fulfilled and refunds cannot be given.

Once a DJ has been booked and played at your event we cannot refund you your money back.

Party night London have the right to cease playing if liquid damage occurs to the their equipment or nightclub equipment.  If any of their electrical equipment is damaged by liquid from a customer then you are liable for the costs of repair or replacement.

If Party Night London DJs damage or pilfer any equipment at the London bar or nightclub the DJ themselves will be liable for the repairs or replacements.

If you choose to pay the DJ the remaining amount (after deposit has been paid) in cash, the DJ must be paid once they start. The DJ has the right to not play until they are paid.

If you request a DJ we will need you to agree to the terms and conditions form before proceeding to pay the deposit.

If you book a Party Night DJ and would like to book them again you must book them through us and not directly through them.

We will ask the client or London bar or nightclub if they know they have used the DJ (who is to be sent out) for previous jobs. If they do know the DJ then they may contact the DJ directly through themselves and Party Night London will not be involved. If you have booked the DJ through us and contact the DJ for future work without notifying us. Both the customer (or venue manager) and DJ will be have broken the contract and we will take legal action against both parties.

If you decide you would like the DJ to be a resident DJ at your club  Party Night London can agree for either a percentage fee of each set played or a one off finders fee for that DJ. The DJ will not play for Party Night London whilst being an exclusive resident DJ for a nightclub.

All equipment must be checked that it is working at the venue before the DJ starts their set. The DJ cannot be blamed if the equipment fails and the night has to close early as a result of unchecked faulty equipment. They must also be paid in full for the night if the night ends early for whichever circumstances.

Staff members, managers and guests must not be abusive or malicious to Party Night DJs. They have the right to leave if so and payment must be made in full.

Please read our full DJ terms and conditions contract (you will be asked to sign this via electronic signature or in person)


DJs must be briefed on the style of music to be played before the set starts. Constant bombarding of orders from managers or private parties whilst the DJs play will not be tolerated. You must tell them the styles that you, your guests or customers expect to before the press play on the first song.

If any of the guests threatens or acts maliciously towards Party Night DJs, the DJ has the right to stop the music and leave and we cannot refund your money back.

If any guests damage the DJ equipment whilst at the party for any reason, you the organisor will be held responsible for the repairs to the damaged equipment.

Party Night DJs sent to nightclubs and London bars may ask for security beside them if they feel their equipment or the nightclub equipment has a possible chance of damage that may be cause by drunken or overexcited customers. If security is not provided and damage occurs Party Night DJs cannot be held responsible.

Party Night London DJs may call for security on the microphone if violence occurs in a nightclub.

Party night London DJs may call for security on the microphone, if they are threatened by customers (in the nightclub or London bar).[/toggle]

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