De Vere Chapel Room

Corporate Event

  • Location: De Vere Hotel Windsor
  • 19:00-00:00

PA & DJ Set Up

  • DJ Booth
  • DJ Controller
  • 2x Speakers
  • 2x 120 Watt Lights
  • 4x Wireless Uplighters
De Vere Chapel Room Event


PA System: Controller I DJ Booth I 2x 1000 Watt Speakers I 2x Moving Lights I 4x Wireless Uplighters

About and our side:

Event for corporate company job passed from Principal Global Events. Clients had a sit down dinner whilst background relaxing music played for 90mins then party set after. 

Set up 2hours before event, loading and all check ins at hotel in advance for no possible delays. Unload and relocate vehicle to designated parking area.

Speakers positioned in the method to be focused on the guests, appropriate distance to avoid any feedback, all cables taped to the floor in a smart manner and cables tied to speakers so no hanging loose wires.

Dinner music soul mid tempo relaxing mix not loud for guests to have conversation without music overpowering. 0-100 ramp up from relaxed to full party 80s 90s and current commercial  styled genres.

No of guests 50

Here's how the Party Went

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