DJ Bookings:

Last minute DJ Bookings require full payment upfront. Depending on the amount of time left till a DJ is required to start, we will send a PayPal invoice and full payment is required immediately. If it is not possible to send a PayPal invoice, immediate full payment is to be deposited into our business bank account:

All DJ bookings require a 50% booking deposit made at least one month prior to the event (deposit amount will vary on the DJ service quote):

50% deposit of bookings £1000-£2000

All deposits are refundable (minus a 5% administration fee) up to one month before the event date. Deposit refunds cannot be given for DJ bookings that are cancelled within 14 days of the event.

Once a DJ has played at your event we cannot refund any money back.

Party Night London DJ’s have the right to cease playing if liquid damage occurs to the Party Night London DJ’s equipment or nightclub equipment.  If any equipment (supplied by Party Night London) is damaged by liquid from a guest at a private event, then the event organiser is liable for the costs of repair or replacement. If the London bar or nightclubs equipment is damaged from a customer, Party Night London nor the Party Night DJ can be held responsible.

If Party Night London DJ’s damage or pilfer any equipment at the London bar or nightclub then the Party Night London DJ, themselves, will be liable for the repairs or replacements.

If you choose to pay the DJ the remaining amount (after deposit has been paid) in cash, the DJ must be paid once they start. The DJ has the right to not play until they are paid.

If you request a DJ, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions form before proceeding to pay the deposit.

A London club or bar that have used a Party Night London DJ previously through their own means, can contact the DJ without Party Night London involvement. However, if the DJ was initially booked through Party Night London then the DJ cannot be directly contacted for future work without notifying Party Night London. If this were to happen, both the customer and DJ would have broken the contract and legal action may be taken.

If any bar or London club decides they would like to use a Party Night London DJ to be a resident at their venue then an agreement can be made of either: an agreed percentage fee of each set played at the venue, or, a one off ‘pay-out’ fee for that DJ. The DJ will not play for Party Night London whilst being an exclusive resident DJ for a nightclub.

All equipment must be checked for faults before the DJ starts their set. The DJ cannot be held responsible for faulty equipment. If the night is to end due to faulty equipment then the DJ will still be paid in full.

If the night is to end for any reason or circumstance, then the DJ will still be paid in full.

Staff members, managers and guests must not be abusive (physically or verbally) or malicious to Party Night London DJs. They have the right to leave if so and payment must be made in full.

DJ’s must be briefed on the style of music to be played before the set starts. Bombardment of orders from managers or private parties whilst the DJ is playing will not be tolerated. You must tell them the styles that you, your guests or customers expect before they begin or well in advance.

If the DJ feels threatened or is behaved toward inappropriately, they have the right to leave. A refund will not be given.

If any guests damage the DJ equipment whilst at the party for any reason, the organiser will be held responsible for the payment of repairs to the damaged equipment.

Party Night London DJ’s have the right to request security next to them if they believe damage could be caused to the equipment for whatever reasons. If security is not provided when requested, and damage occurs, Party Night DJ’s cannot be held responsible.

Party Night London DJ’s may call for security on the microphone if violence occurs in a nightclub.

Party night London DJ’s may call for security on the microphone, if they feel threatened by customers.

If a last minute request is made and the DJ arrives but is no longer needed, for whatever reason, then the agreed full payment for an evening’s work must be paid to the DJ. You will not be entitled to a deposit refund.

If a Party Night London DJ has been accidently booked alongside another DJ elsewhere, the cancellation of the Party Night London DJ needs to be made fourteen days prior to the event (with an administration fee of 5%.) If you cancel the DJ within the fourteen days, there will be a cancellation fee of 50%. If you do not cancel the DJ and he/she arrives at the destination, you are still liable to pay for the full amount regardless of whether you still need them. You will not be entitled to a deposit refund.

If an immediate request for a DJ is made and a taxi service is required in order to reduce time – you will bare the costs of the additional taxi service. This amount will be added to the quoted DJ price. There is no guarantee that a DJ will be free at immediate request.

If a last minute request is made, there is no guarantee that the DJ will be at the event on time. Unplanned travel from the DJ’s location to the venue may have disruptions.

Private Events:

With all private events you must notify us on all the details of your event by filling out the contact form here: https://www.partynightlondon.co.uk/private-events/

Alternatively you may email us at info@partynightlondon.co.uk.

We will email you back with a quoted price. Deposit’s can be taken via PayPal or bank transfer. We can refund deposits. Please see our refunds policy.

Exclusive hire:

Party Night London venue searches will require between £50 – £100 deposit. The deposit will be refunded back to you when you arrive at the venue. If you do not attend the evening you will not be entitled to your deposit refund and you may be liable to pay the entire minimum spend amount agreed for the event booked.

Venue searches made by Party Night London will require a booking deposit and the purchaser and venue must comply to our terms and conditions. If a venue has been found and arranged by us and you choose to cancel then rebook directly through the venue, we will ask for the deposit money back. Legal action may also be taken against the venue and yourselves.


If you pay any staff member at the door, the DJ, photographer, tips to staff member, offer a bribery or gesture of goodwill payment; we cannot refund this money back.

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