On top of everything else we also do birthdays!

For events in greater London  50+miles outside

Call us: 0207 205 2705 hours: MON-FRI 9am-6.30pm

  • 18th

The party where the teens hit the dancefloor from the word go!

  • 21st

Give it an hour or two of welcome drinks social posts & hashtags and 3 hours minimum on the dance floor.

  • 30th

30 is the new 20. Age is not a destination. It’s a journey and we’re gonna party that journey.

  • 40th

The one where everyone goes all in. Leave the kids with the sitters and get a little CRAZY!

  • 50th

Still near to the 40s party, hey this one you might be able to invite the younger kids – we’ve seen it! Still young at heart though. 

  • 60th & 70th

The fun never stops regardless of age, some maybe slightly slower than when they were 18 but we’ve seen some cracking moves from 60/70 old on the dance floor!

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